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Through food recycling, the leftover food in front of you can be used again, directly reducing the chance of food being sent to the landfill. But recycling is only one part of reducing waste. To truly "save food", we must start with education, training, and awareness changes, and instill the life philosophy of "cherish food, reduce waste at the source" to the public, and create a sustainable development. One piece of effort.

Physical teaching kitchen
Starting from 2020, Shidehao has been funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust and co-organized by the Spring Field Flower Fund to promote the public to practice green eating through physical teaching kitchens. Cooking rules; also through community food support and "you camp" outreach education, teach the residents of Kwai Tsing District "food level D, health D, low carbon D", reduce economic pressure, and also contribute to waste reduction.
Public education

We are committed to organizing various enlightening and instructive public education activities for schools, organizations, enterprises and the public; our education activities have thoroughly integrated the two elements of "knowing about food waste" and "knowing about the community" to encourage and persuade the public Participate and experience personally, strengthen the awareness of food wise and understand the grassroots community, and promote the love of food and the community.

Activities include: lectures, workshops, food recycling experience groups, recycling volunteer activities,

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For different industries, such as catering industry employees, domestic helpers, etc., we have produced various training programs related to "Food Wise", hoping to comprehensively teach the skills and knowledge of food waste treatment and source waste reduction for the sustainability of Hong Kong society Prepare for development.



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