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Recycling and reducing waste
The food waste problem in Hong Kong is very serious. A large amount of food is discarded from the food supply chain every day. Hong Kong people produce 3,600 metric tons of food waste on 259 double-decker buses every day. At the same time, the disadvantaged groups in society are always ignored, and they are not satisfied with food and clothing. In order to make good use of wasted food, Shidehao opened a food recycling center, committed to food recycling and sharing in the community, and established a food wise and mutual aid community.
Region-based service base And environment

Since the beginning of 2009, Food Recycling Centers were opened in Tai Po, Yuen Long and Kwai Tsing Districts. Our recycling team travels through the three districts of the market every day without changing the wind and rain, recycling fresh fruits and vegetables leftover by vendors; we are also actively cooperating with catering companies, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to recover excess food resources that arise due to various reasons. For example, dry and packaged foods and breads directly reduce waste and ease the pressure of landfilling.

Since 2014, Shidehao has received support from the Environmental Protection Fund to fund part of the operating expenses of our food recycling centers in Tai Po, Yuen Long and Kwai Tsing, so that the work can continue.


Operational features
🔶Establish a membership system
Through the membership system of “Friends of Food and Virtue”, low-income families, CSSA families, disabled and grass-roots elders are recruited to receive food regularly, reducing waste and benefiting the grassroots.
🔶The leftover food will be distributed in the district
Transfer the surplus food resources in the district to needy families and social welfare organizations in the district to reduce carbon emissions.
🔶green employment
Invite the needy grassroots in the district to serve as recycling team members to work together to reduce waste.
🔶Educate first, then recycle
We are committed to educating donors and individuals to reduce waste at the source first, such as changing consumption habits, reducing surplus food during operation, and minimizing production of surplus food.
If you are interested in becoming a good friend of food ethics or a food collection unit, you can call 26999480.


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