Cooperation Collaboration

To promote a culture of waste reduction at the source and build a food-wish and mutual-help society for all people, business power is indispensable. Shidehao has always been committed to developing long-term cooperative relationships with business partners, allowing companies to participate in and support waste reduction work and activities in different forms.

Regardless of donating food, participating in voluntary work on waste reduction, or directly donating to food ethics, every kind of support is promoting the sustainable development of the community and the environment.

We are eagerly looking forward to working with you! Welcome to contact us to discuss various forms and concepts of cooperation.

Food donation
donation food, help recycling, help poor
donation support
Donate in the name of the company to fund our operations and individual projects
place donation box
Donation boxes can be placed in the office or shop to mobilize employees and customers to donate to us
Co-organize themed activities
We can tailor-made various corporate social responsibility activities to promote corporate stakeholders to participate in food wise, waste reduction, and community care work
Join Foodgrace activity
Let stakeholders know about leftover food issues and raise awareness of environmental protection
Become a volunteer
Mobilize stakeholders to become volunteers and personally participate in community waste reduction work
Become an annual corporate member
We will organize a series of environmental protection activities and trainings for companies that donate a fixed amount to strengthen the environmental protection awareness of corporate stakeholders and promote a green corporate culture
Corporate theme projects and activities
love bread
love soup
food recycling team
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